Mass Invites to Like Your Facebook Page

Would You Like to Use Mass Invites to Like Your Facebook Page?
Mass Invites to Like Your Facebook Page
Invite all your friends

Susie started a boutique law firm fresh out of law school, she knew she’d be successful because after-all, she certainly had the wherewithal after moving to a new city just to attend school, successfully making new friends, and having attained tons of professional contacts. She went through all the formalities, even had a website created professionally, however she personally chose to create her own Facebook page to represent her firm because that part was easy. Now the hard part, getting mass amounts of people and friends to like her page in order to spread the word!

If you’ve ever created a Facebook page, you’ve undoubtedly wondered how use mass invites to like your Facebook page instead of clicking invite for every one of your friends individually. If you have thousands of friends it could potentially take days, not to mention the more friends you have, the likelihood of your browser freezing as you try to navigate the invite list. Just google how to “use mass invites to like your Facebook page,” and you’ll see hundreds of potential ways to do this. Determining which method isn’t spam and works best can become a nightmare. Specifically, there is a method which seemingly gives you the script to manipulate mass invites to like your Facebook page, however in reality they are malicious scripts that give hackers access to your Facebook account!

Mass Invites to Like Your Facebook Page

Thanks to our friend Hitesh Mehta, who broke down the simplicity of creating java script for mass invites to like your Facebook page, we can create mass likes relatively easy. Using Firefox browser, go to your Facebook page that you want to use mass invites to like, and click on the section to invite your friends. Once you’ve done one or two manually, right click the invite area and follow the enumerated instructions below

  1. Select inspect element
  2. Once the developers dialogue box appears below, select the console menu
  3. Copy and paste the script below in the box and hit enter!

var a =“_5tef”))[0];if(a);setTimeout(function(){“ul._5kwh li”)).forEach(function(c){var d = $(c); var e = d.getElementsByTagName(“button”)[0]; if(e);})}, 1000);

You’ll see a brief pause on the page where you’re attempting mass invites to like your Facebook page, then you’re in there like swim wear! Happy Liking.

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